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Asea Redox

asea redox moleculesTo understand the Asea Redox Signaling Molecules we need to look at the findings of the medical research.

Your body wants to be healthy it wants to move towards health.
However first of all the messages for health and healing
must be communicated through out every cell in your body and to the various systems within your body.
Every second of every day your cells are communicating with each other,
passing from them so much information throughout the body making it
the most complex communication network on earth.


The science of redox signaling molecules has been studied for over fifty years
and has recently become one of the fastest growing areas of medical research.

All health problems can be linked to damaged cells
with out the cellular healing process life could not exist
and signaling molecules our fundamental to this healing process.

Redox Signaling Molecules are immune system communicators they help
the immune system to operate at peak performance and are the weapons of choice
to kill viruses bacteria and anything else the body wants to get under control.
Signaling molecules activate your antioxidants so they can become effective and fight free radicals.
These signaling molecules perform functions so vitally important to the health of your cells that when
in balance they literally communicate the message of health and healing through out the entire body.

Just as your cells make these molecules out of the salt water solution that surround them, the scientist
behind Asea have figured out a way to replicate the production of these molecules on a
massive scale out side of the body.
Starting with simple salt and water and then passing it through a complex and heavily patented process
they achieved what many said was impossible. They created and stabilized signaling molecules.

Asea is the only product the contains a balanced set of these signaling molecules
that mirror those produced naturally in the body.

ASEA Contains trillions of Redox Signaling Molecules in every bottle and are stabilized
until consumed upon which immediately start going to work in your body.

Asea is in fact native to the body showing zero levels of toxicity even when consumed
quantities far beyond the norm.

Its not only the most effective supplement, it is perhaps the safest supplement ever introduced
into the health and wellness industry.

This video explains Asea redox signaling molecules further.


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